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Revolutionary Leadership: Essential Lessons from the Men and Women of the American Revolution

by Pat Williams with Jim Denney

Times of crisis call for revolutionary leadership. What better model could we have for courage and creativity under fire than those who found themselves in positions of leadership during the American Revolutionary War? Men and women, famous and obscure, of European and African descent--the leaders of the revolution faced outrageous odds and dire consequences should they fail. Yet they stuck to their principles, winning the most unlikely of victories and not only shaping a new country but reshaping the world.

Now Pat Williams helps you apply their genius to your sphere of influence. Through the remarkable stories of more than 25 leaders of the American Revolution, you'll discover fresh insight into how great leaders are formed, refined, tested, and strengthened.

What People Are Saying


Brian Kilmeade

bestselling author and Fox News TV & radio host

"Revolutionary Leadership will embolden you. It will instruct you and inspire you for the days ahead. Whatever your leadership arena, Pat's stories and revolutionary insights will strengthen you for the fight."


Mike Huckabee

44th governor of Arkansas and political commentator

"The 'shot heard 'round the world' announced the birth of freedom and the death knell of oppression in America. The heroes of the American Revolution set a leadership example for us all. In Revolutionary Leadership, Pat uncovers new insights into the lives of these revolutionary leaders and shows us how we can become more effective leaders in every arena of our lives. Learn these principles and become a revolutionary leader!"


Nick Saban

head football coach, Alabama Crimson Tide

"All the lessons we learn from great Revolutionary War leaders can be applied to any leadership arena today. George Washington teaches us that winning is not determined by who your opponent is but by who you are. If you want to be inspired to lead and to win, you must read Revolutionary Leadership by Pat Williams."


Adam Silver

commissioner of the NBA

"In Revolutionary Leadership, Pat Williams teaches us that many of the leadership traits that produce victory on the battlefield--teamwork, resilience, and character--also lead to success on the basketball court and in any field of competition. Pat shares powerful lessons from America's early years that are as important and relevant as ever."


Benjamin S. Carson Sr

MD, professor emeritus of neurosurgery, oncology, plastic surgery, and pediatrics at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

"Revolutionary Leadership by Pat Williams, whom I greatly admire, is very interesting as well as inspirational for both students of history and those who desire to know more about the foundation of our great nation. Reading this book will undoubtedly produce many more courageous leaders in our time of great need."

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